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Do you want to communicate your product line in a clear, attractive way that wins customers and investors? SoftCine has the solution! Produce a video product.

To do this you have to define the target audience, that is, with which people your product should communicate and, therefore, who it will need to reach. Age range, economic condition, profession, gender are some items that should be thought of.

Having defined the issues related to the target audience, it is necessary to write down ideas for a briefing. The writer and director will meet your needs with the knowledge and technique of a well-prepared team.

Why use a video product?

The product videos have as main function to attract consumers and investors to what you are proposing. What could be explained orally or in other ways can be more easily transmitted thanks to the power of the audiovisual in holding attention and passing the information in a clear and objective way.

After all, in the daily rush, people have less and less time to read or watch gigantic commercials. They want to catch the eye and quickly understand what it is all about – a feature that the audiovisual does very well.

Without the cinematographic narratives (the planes, angles, movements) and the plot (the story to be told) none of this would be possible. That is why it is indispensable the work of writers, videographers, audio technicians, actors, editors and many others who are behind the production.

That’s how SoftCine creates incredible audiovisual productions like institutional videos, training videos, video lessons and animations that use motion graphics.

The video product can be used in stands, fairs, lectures, to be broadcast on social networks, television, Youtube and many other ways to advertise.

Make a production budget with us and see which video best suits your need.

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