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The production of TV content and / or web-series has several functions: inform, educate, entertain, divulge. They can be used in various formats and it is extremely important to adapt the language according to the audience you intend to achieve.

Television and the Internet are the most used communication vehicles in Brazil. With the convergence of the media, the coverage of these media has become even greater. Convergence is a process that concerns the possibility of finding the same content on different platforms. For example, because of convergence, you can watch various TV program formats (series, variety shows, news programs) on your smartphone, notebook, tablet, and other screens.

In addition, the way people receive such content has been changed, no longer passive to take an active role in the content available to them. Today, there is the possibility of interacting with the content, sharing and commenting in real time about a particular program. This requires even more quality when thinking and producing audiovisual content. After all, the public is increasingly critical and demanding.

How to make a TV or web content project?

When you get to the SOFTCINE video production company, keep in mind the general ideas of the product you want to produce, what narrative aspects you would like to see present in the series, what the character traits are, and what conflicts they will have solve. Also very important is deciding what will be the audience of the narrative, how could be the scenario.

Nowadays, the formats are more and more hybrid, that is, they are mixing. It is important to know the formats and genres to create and recreate audiovisual strategies to raise the audience.

See some formats:

  • Talk show
  • Interview
  • Contests
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Fiction
  • Reality Show
  • Educational
  • Animation
  • Infantile
  • Coverings
  • Miniseries
  • Training Pills
  • Programs for Youtube and web.

How to find a TV and web series video producer?

This is very easy. Softcine Produções is a video producer that can make your TV show or web series. The team is composed of experienced and highly qualified professionals to follow the whole process, from development, pre-production, production, post-production and finally product placement.

Our structure of editing stations, audio studio, equipment, assure the quality and safety of the productions, and our recording studio, provides the creation of incredible scenarios and different lightings. Also check out the scope of SoftCine, we have contact with companies from various parts of Brazil, all with international quality.

Liked? So make a production budget right now with one of the best video producers in Brazil!

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