Video Training and Integration

The training and integration video is essential to receive new employees (presenting the company, its policies, internal regulations, etc.) and to improve employees (continuous training, training on new processes, products, among others). In it, it is possible to reproduce everyday situations and increase production quality, avoiding material discard, accidents and nonconformities.

The training video can also be a support for lecturers, instructors and teachers who pass on knowledge. Everything becomes easier when you can watch an example through a video for team training!


The advantage of a training and integration video is mainly related to a pedagogical and cognitive process. People, in general, are able to pay more attention to what is transmitted pictorially, recording it in memory more easily.

Large companies can provide a video for team training and remote teaching staff from other affiliates, while maintaining a production standard in disseminating knowledge.

Security is another key point in this type of video. They can establish pipeline lines that should be adopted in emergencies or otherwise prevent accidents through information passed on to employees.

How to build a training and integration video?

The tip is: hire an audiovisual producer to produce your training and integration video so that product quality is assured. This way, you will have the guarantee that your employees will have a useful, interesting training, capable of engaging, teaching and informing at the same time.

The technique is undoubtedly fundamental. The process of creating this type of video begins with the delimitation of the goal and then goes on to technical issues such as the optimal use of planes and angles.

SoftCine can do your video training and integration! Write down your ideas and submit your briefing so that we can make a budget – both by phone (41) 3021-8500, and at our address: Rua José Risseto, 172, Santa Felicidade – Curitiba-PR. If you prefer, send the information through our Budget page.

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