Institutional video

The institutional video is an excellent tool to pass credibility and spread the company’s visual identity. Institutional videos are also a stimulus tool for employees, facilitating organizational communication.
Institutional corporate video can also be used as brand communication at trade shows, events, lectures and more, attracting customers and investors.

The institutional films focus on presenting the business in the first place, adopting cinematographic strategies for the construction of a narrative that generates interest and identification with the company.
Why video institutional?

Because in this way you will be passing the mission, the vision, the values, the products that work and the achievements in a clear and objective way, holding the attention of the viewer and thus avoiding to explain only orally these items and making the presentation of the company – something which should be interesting – monotonous.

Today, video is the communication medium most consumed by people, and can be broadcast on television, on cell phones, on projectors anytime, anytime. This helps in marketing strategy, internal communication and reaching the target audience.

How to make an institutional video?

A quality movie has to be produced by a specialized institutional video producer such as SoftCine. Mounting a video is a process that requires thoughtful planning and perfect execution.

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