Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the use of graphics that move through video, both in space and time. These graphics include geometric shapes, graphics, letters, logos, icons, photographs, maps, illustrations and many others.

Motion design originated practically along with the cinema, when this type of animation was done frame after frame, that is, one photograph after another was taken from the object as it moved through space. When the film was rolling, the sensation was that the object moved.

Why hire an audiovisual production company to do motion graphics?

Nowadays, performing this type of animation requires techniques and software that facilitate the work and optimize the time (AfterEffects, Premiére, Muan, others similar). What used to take hours and hours to do, especially in the assembly, today it is enough to use the keyframes and all the capacity of these softwares.

With motion design you can convey information with creativity, drawing the attention of the audience and improving the way information is represented.

How about presenting the company growth in this way? Or the percentages arranged in such a way that they are able to capture and captivate the attention of your audience?

The videos can be created using motion graphics, or the resource can be used in a timely manner, as part of the audiovisual, for the creation of your advertising poster, your institutional film, and other audiovisual productions.

Digital marketing

One of the secrets of advertising on social networks – on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. is with the use of motiongraphics. According to the Brazilian Media Research, smartphones are reaching the television consumption.

This means that your video can reach and engage the audience anytime, anywhere through mobile devices. But for this, you need to adopt strategies that draw and hold attention. The animation made with motion design is one of them.

SoftCine is an audiovisual production company that can do this quality work for you. Be video for training, explanatory video, institutional film, propaganda, tutorials, etc.

Check out these works and see if this kind of videography suits your idea of ​​audiovisual product.

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