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Advertising films (also known as TV advertising videos or advertising spots) are the best strategy for selling a product, service or brand. It is through this type of audiovisual production that consumers know the characteristics of a particular brand and sympathize with it.

An advertising film should have a good concept of advertising to reach the target audience, be it by age, sex, financial condition, territory served, among other cuts.

The language should be clear so that the consumer receives the message, understands the idea and begins to like and identify with the advertising medium they have seen. For this, cinematographic strategies are used, such as framing plans, which are capable of causing impressions on the viewer and generating feelings.

What is the advantage of advertising films with other advertising formats?

The advantage of advertising film is the ability it has to fix concepts, ideas and messages to consumers.

The current world is very connected, we are going through the phase of media convergence, in which a video of advertising can be transmitted not only through TV, but also in several other channels, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagran and Twitter. Plus, these videos can be anytime, anywhere.

How to make a video for TV advertisement?

SoftCine is an audiovisual producer that produces creative advertising films that are integrated with the concept of your company, brand or service. You will have the security of achieving your goals and leverage your sales with s producing a quality media.

We have a qualified technical team and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a studio to produce scenes and images of your advertising film or your audiovisual merchandising.

Write down your ideas and introduce them to our team. We will then make a production budget to check which proposal best suits your needs.

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