Corporate TV’s

Corporate TVs are excellent business communication tools for all sizes of businesses. They help establish connections between employees, informing, engaging, motivating, recognizing, alerting, providing feedback and being the company’s main information channel.

Benefits of a Corporate TV

With a Corporate TV the internal communication gets faster, more humanized, more direct, agile and standardized. Video has the ability to inform people objectively and with high impact.

The advantage is that employees visualize the message in a clearer way and it is easier to retain information. Internal communication through corporate TVs can also be used to show the company’s results and can be motivational and engaging for the as well as proposing campaigns, goals and giving a faithful picture of what is happening in the company – in victories and crises.

How a Corporate TV Works?

You will define the frequency of the information and videos that will be transmitted on this enterprise corporate TV network. The disclosure may be daily, weekly, monthly or at any other frequency that you deem pertinent. It is also possible to distribute the material through the various channels available, from the TV itself, computer, notebook, tablet, smartphones, to a message sending with content in videos by whatsapp.

At what times can it be used ?

  • Internal communication
  • Interactive Meetings
  • Speeches
  • Conventions
  • Press Releases
  • Trainings
  • Continuing education

How to make?

SoftCine is a video producer that can make this type of organizational communication for your company. For 31 years in the market, we have a team of professional and qualified technicians who understand the best concept of corporate TV.

Make a production budget right now with a quality audiovisual producer. The SoftCine! See some work already done!

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