Educational Videos

Online education (EAD) is an increasingly popular form of education, mainly due to issues related to the student’s convenience, which does not need to be taken to a certain place to take classes. He can do this in the comfort of your home.

In order to make distance learning viable, EAD plays an extremely important role. Very used by educational centers, universities, NGOs and companies with the purpose of transmitting knowledge and information.

Students and staff can access content made available anywhere, anytime of the day. Video lessons are also very practical, as they can be accessed through computers, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.

By using educational videos you will be using distance education as a strategy for training and qualification for employees and students, creating accessibility to education, reducing and breaking down knowledge barriers and preparing and training professionals able to work in the job market or pass in some contest.

Student Virtual Environment

The Virtual Student Environment (AVA) is the online place where these contents can be accessed. It is a system that makes it possible to download lessons or to have them online.

The Student Virtual Environment is also the place where the interactions between the teacher and the student take place. It allows the teacher / instructor to make assessments, verify who accessed the content, and share other types of information relevant to learning.

How to make educational videos?

The tip is: hire a company specializing in the production of educational videos like SoftCine. That way, you can produce various video content classes with high quality technical and that can be transmitted online, live, or serve as a video bank that can be accessed at any time by the student.

For 31 years in the market, accompanied by a highly qualified technical team and a state-of-the-art studio, when choosing SoftCine for production you will be assured that the end result will be a quality product. So, make a production budget right now and check which type of audiovisual production best meets your needs.

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