Explanatory Videos Of Products

Product videos are the best way to get the gist of a product or service offered by your business clearly and succinctly. In addition, they are able to generate a much greater interest in the viewer when compared to other formats that can pass this information, such as texts or audios.

What are the characteristics of an explanatory video of products ?

In general, explanatory videos have a short duration, which can range from thirty seconds to two minutes. Reduced time means the intent of this product is to be as clear as possible, presenting the value you want to pass on to your customer efficiently.

Thus, an explanatory product video presents the necessary information that makes a potential customer know that your brand or service is the best option in the market, presenting all the qualities and differentials that your company offers. In addition, this format is responsible for passing credibility and trust.

Effective communication with the customer is of vital importance for a brand to be competitive and to consolidate itself in the market. Therefore, explanatory videos are also intended to solidify the visual identity of a brand in the minds of potential customers, increasing the possibilities of financial return.

What do I need to create of an explanatory video of products ?

For the creation of an explanatory video of product it is necessary to begin with the elaboration of the script first. It will be in the roadmap that the information you want to pass on to your target audience will be contained. Therefore, in order for an explanatory video to be effective in its objectives, it is necessary that the script be very well prepared, presenting clear and concise information and with a special emphasis on the value you offer and why your brand is the best option for what your customer is looking for.

How to find a producer of an explanatory video of products?

In order for the final result of your explanatory video to exhibit excellence both in form and content, it is necessary to choose a video producer that has the insights and means to produce a quality video that is capable of meeting your needs. expectations.

And that you can find in SoftCine! We are an audiovisual producer based in Curitiba that has more than 31 years of experience in the market. For the production of your explanatory video we have a highly qualified technical team, as well as writers and directors who will make the final product follow the standard of excellence in quality that we apply to all our work.

So do not hesitate to contact us to make a production budget. You will be very well received by an attentive staff and able to answer all your doubts and questions, as well as guide the whole process of the production of your video.

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