Live Broadcast

A live broadcast has as main characteristic to transmit in real time, an event, a campaign, a journalistic fact.

Benefits of live streaming

The main benefit of a live broadcast is for your audience of interest, being able to keep track of the events as they happen. This strategy brings people together, because in this case there is no editing or manipulation in the video. In addition to the psychological factor, to accompany something in real time, without having the barrier of distance.

Campaigns and events can leverage product sales, build loyalty to a brand’s visual identity, and engage the target audience.

So a LIVE is meant to get close to people.

Live streams in Curitiba

SoftCine has the best equipment for live streaming to inform or disseminate with quality. We have a team of directors, writers, videographers, and qualified technicians who are prepared to handle the operation of a live broadcast. We also have a studio and spaces for the realization of live transmissions.

In addition, SoftCine produces other types of videos, such as institutional films, EAD and motivational videos. Already for 31 years in the market, it has a rich portfolio and full of satisfied customers that can be checked here.

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